Hey Ayesha!

They say that birthdays make you older but they also say that a good kiss stops time? Want to give it a try & stay young?

Happy Birthday SWEETA!

What You Are

Anchored in the sand, that's how I felt until I met you.
You pulled me up, set me free.
Only you can do it, let me be me.
Beautiful and caring, that's what you are.
I know you don't believe me but, you're truly me.
I was nothing special till you came.
Now I feel wonderful,
Like a child eating ice cream for the very first time.
You let me be free.
Be me.
Just don't don't leave me,
Just don't let me sink again...


How it came to be

I first met Ayesha on OLX (strange but true) where she was representing Tripda. At the time we started talking, she told me that she was engaged, but I still felt a connection and things started to build up. She has, and she still does, make me feel like I have never felt for anyone before.


Why I love you

Ayesha to me, is immensely cute, intelligent, naughty, romantic, large-hearted and tenacious! She understands me for me, I mean granted some other people may also do, but they don't have the qualities Ayesha has. She makes the sun brighter, the sky bluer and my world happier!


How much I love you

I just want you to know (although you know) that I love you from where you are, to the stars and much much beyond.
My love for you is akin to a circle - it knows no beginning and never ends.
You are the air that I breathe, the sun that warms my soul and the world that I stand on.
And no matter how great or small the distance that separates us, I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU SWEETA!